Program sponsored by the Health Resources and Human Services Administration Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students (HRSA SDS).

General Information


4P is a pipeline program created to provide scholarships to doctoral students in primary care psychology from disadvantaged backgrounds who have financial need, including students who are members of racial and ethnic minority groups.

Primary Care Psychology

Training in primary care psychology involves the application of psychological theory, principles, and knowledge to the physical and mental health concerns of patients and families across the life span, within the context of primary care settings (Family Medicine, Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine, Internal & Geriatric Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology). Integrated primary care settings provide a combination of medical and behavioral health services for a wide range of problems such as stress-associated physical symptoms, maladaptive health behaviors, mental health concerns, and substance misuse. Hence, primary care psychologists work on interdisciplinary teams with various health professionals (physicians, pharmacists, dietitians, social workers, community healthcare workers, etc.) to provide comprehensive physical and mental health care for patients and families.

Scholarship Amount

  • Up to $30,000.
  • May be renewable for 3 years (up to $90,000).

Scholarship Application Process

  • Gain admission into one of the Loma Linda University clinical psychology doctoral programs (PhD or PsyD).
  • Respond to the annual, spring Call for Applications (electronic), and provide income tax and other documents to the Office of Financial Aid.
  • Scholarship Committee reviews and ranks applications.
  • Awards disseminated quarterly (fall, winter, spring).

Eligibility Requirements

Scholarship applicants must:

  • Be admitted and enrolled full-time in one of the Loma Linda University clinical psychology doctoral programs (PhD or PsyD).
  • Be a US citizen or lawful permanent resident.
  • Be in good academic standing (e.g., not on probation/B- in courses).
  • Have a primary care commitment (ongoing commitment required for continued funding):
    • Interest in primary care/health psychology (incoming students).
    • Declared primary care/health psychology concentration (current students).
    • Taking courses in primary care/health psychology.
    • Pursuing practicums in primary care/health psychology (e.g., school-based wellness centers, Indian Health, SACHS, VA).
  • Have a background that is disadvantaged:
    • Educational/environmental (e.g., graduated or attended high school located in zip code with low SAT scores, graduation rates, high free/reduced lunch; first in family to attend college).
    • Economic (i.e., applicant or parents [if dependent] income falls below federal poverty level).
  • Have a financial need of at least ~$18,000.
  • Underrepresented racial/ethnic minorities in health professions are encouraged to apply and will be prioritized. This includes Black/African American, Hispanic/Latinx, American Indian/Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, eligible Asian Americans (e.g., Brunei, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Timor-Leste, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam).

Scholarship Recipient (4P Scholar) Requirements

Applicants selected for a scholarship (or renewal) must:

  • Demonstrate an ongoing commitment to primary care psychology (e.g., concentration, coursework, practicum experiences).
  • Participate in programmatic meetings and trainings.
  • Engage with mentoring PODS (Professional Orientation Development & Support).
  • Share academic status and engage with support services if needed.
  • Provide program evaluation/data.

Benefits to Scholars

  • Funds to support education and training.
  • Up to 43% reduction in debt at graduation.
  • Enriched training experiences.
  • Enhanced CV.

Primary Care Psychology Practicum Placement Opportunities

  • SACHS Family Medicine Residency Clinic.
  • San Bernardino City Unified School District (Wellness Center).
  • Riverside San Bernardino County Indian Health: Morongo Springs, Soboba, Palm Springs, Pechanga, Barstow, Torres Martinez, Anza.
  • Loma Linda Veteran Affairs & CBOCs: Murrieta CBOC, Corona CBOC, Victorville CBOC.
  • UCLA Harbor: Family Medicine, Pediatrics.
  • Fontana Unified School District (school-based health center).
  • Los Angeles Veterans Affairs.
  • Miller Children's Hospital (outpatient).
  • Children's Hospital Los Angeles (outpatient).
  • Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health Services - Downtown: LA County DMH Hollywood (see note above), and LA County DMH Augustus F. Hawkins.

Scholarship Opportunity for Psychology Students

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I apply for the scholarship if I am outside of the Loma Linda University Department of Psychology?

No, all applicants must be accepted into one of the psychology doctoral programs at Loma Linda University.

Do I have to be an underrepresented racial or ethnic minority (URM) to apply?

No, but URM students may be prioritized.

Do I need to have a primary care placement currently?

No, but you have to have some indication of primary care interest/activities/courses.

Can I "double dip" with other scholarships?

Yes, but your awards cannot exceed the Cost of Attendance.

Am I eligible for the scholarship while on internship?

No, students are not eligible while on internship. You must be enrolled as a full-time student.

Do I have to be eligible for three years of funding to apply?

No, you may participate for 1-3 years but must maintain eligibility in order to be considered for renewal.

Can the scholarship be paid out over the summer?

No, the scholarship will be paid in the fall, winter, and spring.

Am I eligible if I am off of block tuition?

Maybe, you must have an $18,000 financial need based on your FAFSA.

Can the scholarship be used for other educational expenses?

Maybe, if the sum total of your scholarships is more than tuition, you would get the remaining balance (refund).

Meet the Team

Principal Investigator

Bridgette J. Peteet, PhD, MA

Bridgette J. Peteet, PhD, MA
Professor, Psychology
Areas: multicultural psychology; substance use prevention and intervention; health disparities and inequities; cultural consciousness/equity and inclusion training
Phone 909-558-8717

Co-Principal Investigator

Patricia M. Flynn, PhD, MPH
Patricia M. Flynn, PhD, MPH
Associate Professor, Psychology
Areas: cultural and health psychology; health disparities and inequities; cultural and psychological factors in both health behavior and outcome; cultural competence training in graduate medical education; implicit bias in patient-provider clinical interactions
Phone 909-558-7738

4P Scholarship Committee

Kelly R. Morton, PhD
Kelly R. Morton, PhD, MA
Professor, Psychology
Professor, Family Medicine, School of Medicine
Areas: relationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), negative emotions, and physical health outcomes; stress and health; social support and health; religion and health, care quality in primary care; primary care psychology; dietary intake and morbidity and mortality
Phone 909-558-8721

Maya Boustani, PhD, MS
Maya Boustani, PhD, MS
Associate Professor, Psychology
Areas: child and adolescent evidence-based treatments; mental health prevention and promotion; community-based research; dissemination and implementation research
Phone 909-558-7680

Tori R. Van Dyk, PhD, MA
Tori R. Van Dyk, PhD, MA
Associate Professor, Psychology
Areas: pediatric health psychology; pediatric health behavior promotion and intervention; sleep; pediatric pain and headache/migraine; child and adolescent mental health; integrated behavioral health
Phone 909-558-7412
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