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Due to issues associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, the GRE General Test is waived for all 2021-2022 applicants to doctoral programs in the School of Behavioral Health. Please do not submit GRE scores through ETS or report your scores in any application materials as they will not be taken into consideration.

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Department of Counseling and Family Sciences

With a rich history of behavioral health education stretching back to the 1950s, the Counseling and Family Sciences department offers multiple master's and doctoral programs emphasizing whole-person care within a Christian environment. Both the MFT and the DMFT are COAMFTE-accredited.

Department of Psychology

Our two fully APA-accredited clinical psychology programs offer a combination of traditional and innovative training opportunities. The clinical psychology programs are: (1) the PhD program which follows the traditional scientist-practitioner model, and (2) the PsyD program which follows the practitioner-scholar model and places greater emphasis on clinical practice.

Department of Social Work and Social Ecology

The Loma Linda University Department of Social Work and Social Ecology is well-known and respected for excellence in academic and professional programs, providing advanced coursework in evidence-based, resiliency-informed practice, and translational research.

Division of Interdisciplinary Studies

Programs under the Division of Interdisciplinary Studies are considered areas of study that are applicable to all of the behavioral health professions. As such, these programs bring together the collective academic and clinical expertise of all of the departments in the School of Behavioral Health.

Combined/Dual Degrees

Note: Dual degrees require separate applications to both programs.

Research, Education, and Health-Service Institutes

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