Welcome from the Chair

Dr. Nichola Ribadu

Chair, Counseling and Family Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Counseling and Family Sciences, where we have a 50-year history of providing student-centered education and innovation. Our department is deeply committed to creating an environment where students feel supported, valued, and empowered to pursue their career goals—which we feel is essential for fostering personal and academic growth while serving the community as a whole. We're glad you're here.

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Department Highlights

  • Master's, doctoral, and certificate programs focused on caring for all members of the family
  • Online and dual-degree program options
  • Christian environment emphasizing integrated learning, respect for all persons, and compassionate whole person care
  • Nationally accredited and endorsed programs
  • Exceptional graduation and licensure exam pass rates
  • Low advisor- and teacher-to-student ratios
  • Multiple opportunities for interdisciplinary learning within Loma Linda University Health and the community
  • Embedded curriculum for practice with active duty military and veterans

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Academic program records (including academic variances, candidacy and graduation petitions) are available through the School of Behavioral Health Dean's Office. Academic program records are maintained for five years following the date of graduation, or the date of a student's last attendance.

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