image of reflective water with added text: School of Behavioral Health Spirituality Integration Lunches

About the Series

The Spirituality Integration Lunch series' intended audience is the Loma Linda University community of behavioral health clinicians and scholars, and is broadly centered on the integration of faith/religion/spirituality and the social sciences. It is a mix of presentation and discussion, and is sponsored by the School of Behavioral Health.

Below you will find links to video recordings of this ongoing series. You are also welcome to visit the series Session Library and to learn more about spiritual integration at SBH.

Upcoming Dates

  • Monday, October 25, 12-12:50 PM: A Spiritual Integration Psychotherapy Theory for SBH, presented by Dr. Kenny Boyd

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  • Episode 1: Ellen G. White & Psychology: What Went Wrong and Why Does It Matter?
    Presented by Dr. Adam Aréchiga
  • Episode 2: The Intentional Integration of Faith in Policy Development
    Presented by Dr. Monte Butler
  • Episode 3: Religion and Risky Sex in a Sample of Predominately Black Young Adult Men
    Presented by Jade Seto
  • Episode 4: Religious Doubt as a Mediator between Identity and Well-Being
    Presented by Jedd Perez Alejandro
  • Episode 5: The Potential Role of Compassionate Love in the Therapeutic Process
    Presented by Tyson Albertson


  • Episode 1: The Therapist's Own Journey of Spiritual Growth
    Presented by Dr. Jessica ChenFeng
  • Episode 2: Integrating Spirituality into the Classroom: Creating a Safe and Brave Space for Personal and Professional Growth
    Presented by Dr. Jacqueline Williams-Reade
  • Episode 3: Workplace Spirituality: Nurturing the Spiritual Health of Employees
    Presented by Kathy McMillan
  • Episode 4: LLU School of Behavioral Health Integration: Spirituality, Biology, Emergence, and Realization
    Presented by Dr. Kenny Boyd


  • Episode 1: When Faith and Forgiveness Don't Intersect: A Client's Journey
    Presented by Dr. Zephon Lister
  • Episode 2: Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and Your Christian Clients
    Presented by Prof. Talolo Lepale
  • Episode 3: Cultivating Spiritual Hospitality and Home: Orienting Principles from the Life and Ministry of Jesus
    Presented by Natalie Hsieh & Dr. Zephon Lister