Academic service learning is an education practice that takes learning into the community. The importance of serving others is embedded in all programs throughout the University. It is a requirement that all students enroll in a service learning course prior to graduation (see student handbook). However, service to others is also regarded as a lifelong learning commitment that supports the purposes and values of the professional programs in the School of Behavioral Health. Below is an overview of some of the service learning opportunities within Loma Linda University and School of Behavioral Health. Students should also check with departments to learn about new events and opportunities they can participate in that support their specific professional interests.

Note: COVID-19 travel restrictions and social distancing requirements may affect the availability of some of the opportunities listed below.

International Service Learning

Many students in the School of Behavioral Health choose to participate in global service trips through the Students in International Service Mission (SIMS) office. Each year, SIMS arranges for over 35 international trips to countries around the world. These experiences prepare students from all of the health professions at LLU for careers of effective global service, while promoting the health of global communities. Examples of the countries that School of Behavioral Health students have visited include Cuba, Peru, Madagascar, Bolivia, Honduras, Brazil (Amazon Rain Forest), and Thailand.

The School of Behavioral Health also offers annual global service opportunities through School-specific events. In some cases where schedules permit, students may be able to complete part of their practicum/internship hours at authorized international sites. Some funding is available to support students participating in SIMS or School of Behavioral Health global service trips.

Local Service Learning

Through the Community Academic Partners in Service (CAPS) program, the University offers numerous opportunities that connect students, staff and faculty to serve in partnership with the local agencies and communities in mutually beneficial and sustainable ways, such as the following:

Other volunteer opportunities offered by LLUH include events such as:

The School of Behavioral Health as a whole coordinates or participates in these events each year:

In addition, each department within the School has service learning activities available locally. These include, but are not limited to:

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