Richard E. Hartman, PhD

Professor, Psychology

Contact Information

Phone 909-558-8709
Fax 909-558-0171

Department of Psychology, Ste. 2 (upstairs)
Loma Linda University
11108 Anderson Street, Loma Linda, CA  92350

Hartman Behavioral Neuroscience Lab

Degrees and Certifications

  • PhD, Behavior, Brain and Cognition - Washington University, St. Louis, 2001 

Areas of Specialization

  • Behavioral neuroscience
  • Experimental psychology

Professional Memberships and Licenses

  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • International Behavioral and Neural Genetics Society
  • Oxygen Club of California
  • Society for Neuroscience

Recent Publications

Recent Presentations

  • Nomothetic versus idiographic outcomes following subarachnoid hemorrhage, intracerebral hemorrhage, and traumatic brain injury, 17th International Conference on Brain Edema and Cellular Injury, Guangzhou, China, December 2017.
  • Keynote speaker at 5th International Symposium on Food and Brain Health, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman, November 2017.
  • Kalynovska N., Dulcich M.S., Bajwa N.M., Xu D.Y., Baylink, D.J., Hartman R.E. Proton irradiation and pomegranate supplementation can both increase proliferation of new cells in the mouse brain, Society for Neuroscience, Washington D.C., November 2017.
  • Smith, A., Hartman R.E. Seizure-like activity in Bang-sensitive Drosophila is increased by GABAa receptor antagonists and decreased by ellagic acid. Society for Neuroscience, Washington D.C., November 2017.
  • Tan, A., Morton, K., & Hartman, R.E. The relationship between dietary polyphenol intake and depressive symptoms, Western Psychological Association, Sacramento, CA. April 2017.
  • Pomegranate treatment for repetitive mild brain insults. *A. M. Briseno, N. M. Bajwa, A. Obenaus, R. E. Hartman; Dept. of Psychology, Dept. of Pediatrics, Div. of Interdisciplinary Studies, Loma Linda Univ., Loma Linda, CA; Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biol. Program, Univ. of California Riverside, Riverside, CA. 2016 Society for Neuroscience Conference.
  • Effects of pomegranate supplementation on recovery following ischemic stroke: a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial. J. R. Murray, J. A. Bellone, P. Jorge, T. G. Fogel, M. Kim, D. Wallace, R. E. Hartman; Psychology, Loma Linda Univ., Riverside, CA; Loma Linda Univ., Loma Linda, CA; Physical Med. and Rehabil., Loma Linda Univ. Med. Ctr., Loma Linda, CA. 2016 Society for Neuroscience Conference.
  • Mao XM, Pecaut MJ, Hartman R & Gridley DS. NADPH Oxidase and Neurovascular Stress following Unloading and/or Low-Dose Radiation. American Society for Gravitational and Space Research, 2016.
  • Bellone J, Sanders K, Gifford P, Hartman RE, Mao XW. Long-term Behavioral Effects of Chronic Exposure to Low-dose Cobalt-57 Radiation and/or Simulated Microgravity. American Society for Gravitational and Space Research, 2015.
  • Ashwal S, Hartman R, Ghosh N, Tone B, Tian HR, Snyder, EY, Obenaus A. Human Neural Stem Cell Improve Water Maze Learning after Rat Pup Moderate Ischemic Injury Without Affecting Injury Volume. Presented at the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Child Neurology Society, Columbus, Ohio, October 22-25, 2014, Ann Neurology 76: 2014; Supplement 18; pS239.
  • Sanders, K., Bellone, J. A., Montanari, R. G., Gifford, P., Hartman, R. E., & Mao, X. W. (2014). Behavioral response to combined exposure of simulated microgravity and radiation. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Gravitational and Space Research in Pasadena, CA, and submitted to the Society for Neuroscience conference in Washington, D.C.
  • S Ashwal, R Hartman, N Ghosh, B Tone, HR Tian, E Snyder, A Obenaus (2014) Human neural stem cells improve water maze learning after rat pup moderate ischemic injury without affecting injury volume. 43rd Annual Meeting of the Child Neurology Society.
  • N Mistry, S Halavi, M Hamer, A Obenaus & RE Hartman (2014) The emergence of a depressive phenotype after mild concussions in the adult mouse. Society for Neuroscience meeting.
  • K Sanders, J Bellone, R Montanari, P Gifford, R Hartman & XW Mao (2014) Behavioral response to combined exposure of simulated microgravity and radiation. Society for Neuroscience meeting.
  • S Halavi, N Mistry, M Hamer, M Evans, B Semple, A Obenaus & R Hartman (2014) The effects of closed-head injury on scent-marking behaviors in mice. Society for Neuroscience meeting.
  • C Ray, M Finlay, G Nelson & R Hartman (2014) Analysis and mapping of water maze search strategies in cobalt-60 irradiated rats. Society for Neuroscience meeting.
  • PV Lorenzo, M Dulcich & R Hartman (2014) Water maze swim strategies of mice exposed to proton radiation and a pomegranate-enhanced diet. Society for Neuroscience meeting.
  • D Sorensen, D Ajao, J Kamper, R Hartman, A Obenaus, J Badaut (2013) Early neurovascular unit changes are corrected via JNK inhibition after juvenile traumatic brain injury. Neurotrauma 2013.
  • Ashwal S, Ghosh N, Turenius C, Dulcich M, Denham CM, Tone B, Hartman R, Snyder EY, Obenaus A (2013) The Reparative Effects of Neural Stem Cells in Neonatal Hypoxic Ischemic Injury are Not Influenced by Host Gender. European Paediatric Neurology Society.
  • H.N. Truong, A.D. Febre, C. Wolfe, S. Ashwal, R.E. Hartman, A. Obenaus, A.B. Blood (2013). Neuroprotective effects of nitrite against hypoxic ischemic brain injury in neonatal rat pups, Pediatric Academic Societies.

Community Engagement

  • Classroom presentations about the brain, Temecula Valley School District (2006-present)