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important updates
  • Mindfulness with SBH has been discontinued; however, all video recordings will be available indefinitely. Please contact our Resiliency Clinic for additional mindfulness resources.

Finding moments of focus, calm, and joy in the midst of chaos

Mindfulness brings a calm, focused awareness to your moment-by-moment experience. Research shows it improves resilience and well-being and reduces worry and stress, among many other benefits.

The School of Behavioral Health and the Department of Psychology provided open mindfulness drop-in groups beginning in 2020. Each 30-minute session included a brief introduction and a guided mindfulness practice, followed by optional discussion. Most practices (excluding discussions) were recorded, resulting in a library of over 100 short videos available for free any time in our Session Library.

We understand that participants have had a wide variety of life circumstances and experiences resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, and we hope that these videos will provide relaxation skills and applications that are useful for everyone. You are welcome to freely invite anyone (within or outside of LLUH) to view these recordings.