Full Plate Living is a lifestyle-based culturally-adapted weight and stress management program created by an interdisciplinary team of Loma Linda University faculty and medical students, community health workers trained at Promotores Academy and community members living in the Inland Empire. The program is based on the New York Times award-winning book The Full Plate Diet, and supplemented with evidence-based stress management techniques.

Certified bilingual community health workers facilitate weekly classes for groups of 20 to 30 participants, encouraging them to consume their favorite high fiber, low-calorie foods, to increase their water intake, to engage in moderate physical activity and to apply the community resilience model stress-management techniques. After the initial ten weeks, monthly meetings and phone calls keep participants engaged for the remainder of the year. This program has now been held for Spanish-speaking Latinos in Colton, Adelanto, Perris and Moreno Valley for more than eighty participants.

Project Faculty

Research Assistants

  • Raveena K. Chara
  • Carmen Soret