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Child and Adolescent Research


Families of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) experience heightened risk due to elevated rates of clinically-significant parenting stress and child externalizing behavior problems.

SHIELD/SOAR: School Based Shield

The School-Based Opportunities for Adolescent Recovery (SOARing) study examines the preliminary effectiveness of an adolescent DBT-skills group treatment delivered in a school-based setting.

Religiosity and Spirituality in Children with a History of Suicide Ideation

The study consists of focus groups with pre-adolescents to understand religiosity and spirituality as it relates to suicide ideation.

Proper Parenting

Behavioral problems and co-occurring parenting stress are common problems in children with DD and their families, yet parenting stress is almost never directly addressed in behavioral interventions for these families.

EVAA: Electronics and Adolescence

This project investigates human-computer interactions with a virtual health agent delivering Motivational Interviewing.

Child Sleep Lab

The Pediatric Sleep and Wellness Project is a prospective data collection project in partnership with the Loma Linda University Health Sleep Center.

Child CRM

This research seeks to evaluate the effectiveness of implementing a Community Resiliency Model (CRM) to children, their parents, and teachers who live in high-risk, low-resourced areas and have experienced significant manmade and environmental traumas.