Community Involved Research Projects

Full Plate Living Intervention

Full Plate Living is a lifestyle-based culturally-adapted weight and stress management program created by an interdisciplinary team of Loma Linda University faculty and medical students, community health workers trained at Promotores Academy and community members living in the Inland Empire.

CHW Mental Health

The CHWs mental health project aims to reduce burnout among Community Health Workers providing home visits to under-served families of children experiencing chronic absenteeism from school in San Bernardino.

Forming a Community of Social Work Critical Race Theory Scholars

Since emerging as a theory for teaching about diversity and oppression in social work education more than 15 years ago, there has been an increasing number of educational programs around the country integrating Critical Race Theory into their curriculums at all levels—baccalaureate, master's, and doctoral.

Housing Study

In partnership with the Housing Authority of San Bernardino County as well as HUD and other local Housing Authorities this team of researchers provides program evaluation for numerous Moving To Work designated Initiatives.

Korean American Community-based Mental Health Interventions

The focus of this project is to provide and evaluate the effectiveness of low-dosage community-based mental health interventions for the Korean-American community.

Love Your Neighbor Coalition

This is a multi-sector collaboration that includes, the Mayor of Riverside, seven Christian churches, local public and private agencies, and three accredited social work programs tasked with networking local services targeting the health care needs of the homeless in Riverside.

Food Insecurity, Parental Self-Efficacy, and Pediatric Type 1 Diabetes Outcomes

The reporting of food insecurity among family members of pediatric patients and its impact on patient outcomes is examined in two pediatric settings. The first study examines the prevalence and impact of food insecurity among patients admitted to a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) for diabetic ketoacidosis.

Project CHANGE

Project CHANGE (Changing Health in Adult Men with New and Great Experiences) seeks to address local prostate cancer health disparities using an interdisciplinary, community engagement approach by recruiting Black men (African American, Caribbean and African immigrant) into translational and social science (stress and health) research.

Refugee, Immigrant and Minority Health and Well-being Project

Research examining religious stigma, discrimination, and the psychosocial adjustment of refugees, immigrants, and Muslim minorities alike.

Substance Misuse and Health Disparities among Racial/ethnic Minorities

This line of research is focused on substance use behaviors, risk and resilience, and outcomes for racial/ethnic minorities.

The TUPE Project

The TUPE Project is a wraparound tobacco prevention and intervention program delivered in elementary, secondary and high school classrooms in the Chino Valley Unified School District.

A Culturally-Relevant Type 2 Diabetes Patient Activation Intervention

The aim of this study is to develop and evaluate a culturally-relevant patient action intervention for Latin American patients with type 2 diabetes.