Basic Sciences Lab Research

Cultural Values, Political Polarization, and Attribution-Emotion Processes in Voting Behavior

The aim of this project is to understand the role of "core American values" within the context of political polarization and their impact on voting behavior.

Improving brain resilience to injury and aging

Our lab’s research is broadly concerned with promoting healthy brain aging / increasing an individual’s “health-span”, and generally falls into 1 of 3 overlapping categories: Characterizing models of neurodegeneration, Preventing neurodegeneration and/or increasing the brain’s resiliency, and Characterizing the effects of plant-based compounds (phytochemicals) in the brain.

Medicare Beneficiaries and Private Medical Care Contracts

Since 1997, medical service providers have been allowed to financially separate themselves from Medicare (opt-out) while still serving Medicare beneficiaries.

Mindfulness, Attribution-Emotion Processes, and Conflict Situations

The purpose of this study was to examine the relations among dispositional mindfulness and the attribution-emotion processes associated with interpersonal behavior in conflict situations