Student Research Projects

Building Diverse STEM Student Pipelines

This line of work centers on building and supporting a diverse STEM workforce with particular emphasis on the field of psychology.

Changing the Health and Academic Performance of Students (5th-12th Grade) in a Low-income Minority Community: A Longitudinal Study

The purpose of the study is to identify the unique challenges and psychosocial factors that affect low-income minority students and identify solutions that can attenuate these effects and promote health and well-being along with academic achievement.

Examining the Psychosocial Needs of Older Adults Post-Incarceration

This mixed methods study examined the psychosocial needs of older adults post-incarceration.

Prostate Cancer Screening in African Immigrants

The purpose of the study is to understand the knowledge, attitudes and perceptions of Prostate Cancer among African immigrants and to assess the role psychosocial factors/stressors play into Prostate Cancer screening intentionality.