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The Sleep-Obesity Connection

Not getting enough sleep or getting poor quality sleep has consistently been linked to increased risk of developing obesity in adolescence. This is concerning, considering that over two-thirds of teens are sleep deprived, putting a significant portion of youth at risk for poor health consequences. Although the relationship between poor sleep and obesity seems clear, the underlying reasons for this relationship are not. Dr.
Jessica ChenFeng, PhD, LMFT

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Alumni Feature: Jessica ChenFeng, PhD, LMFT

Imagine being at a national convention when, all of a sudden, a book publisher approaches you with a request to write a book about the journey of becoming a marriage and family therapist. That’s exactly what happened to Jessica ChenFeng, PhD, LMFT, alumna of the Loma Linda University School of Behavioral Health’s Counseling and Family Sciences Department. Jessica was attending a national American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy conference, where she and fellow professor Dana J.
Dr. Maya Boustani at a training event for clinicians

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Helping clinicians engage children and families into therapy

Mental health treatments for children and adolescents are more effective than ever at treating common problems such as anxiety, disruptive behaviors, and depression. Unfortunately, about half of children who need treatment do not enroll in service. For those who do enroll, half drop out of treatment prematurely. Dr. Kimberly Becker at the University of South Carolina and Dr. Bruce Chorpita at the University of California, Los Angeles set out to understand what the research can tell us about ways to effectively engage children and families into mental health treatment.
Qais Alemi, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Social Work and Social Ecology

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Dr. Qais Alemi honored for research on refugees

The University of California, Davis hosted its fourth Ulysses Banquet last month to mark the 10-year anniversary of the Ulysses Refugee Health Project. The event honored the work of over 200 refugee community and agency leaders, doctors, students, and faculty members of several American and international universities. A refugee-led collaborative effort, the Ulysses Project has advanced migration health research, education, and policy along with the professional re-entry of many refugee doctors.
Members of the Trauma Team pose with a group of trainees

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#FlashbackFriday: International Behavioral Health Trauma Team brings resiliency training to Philippines post-super storm Haiyan

Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines as a Category 5 storm on the morning of Friday, November 8, 2013, at Guiuan, Eastern Samar. This super storm, referred to in the Philippines as Typhoon Yolanda, is believed to be the strongest cyclone storm to hit land in recorded world history, with winds as strong as 380 kph (235 mph).
L to R: Brittany Huelett, Zephon Lister, Lilena Walker, Karlet Reyes, Danna Carter, Sandra Banjoko, Bryan Cafferky, Natalie Hsieh, Jennifer Torres

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Systems, Families, and Couples PhD students and alumni well-represented at AFTA Annual Conference

Loma Linda University’s Department of Counseling and Family Sciences (CFS) was well-represented at the 2019 American Family Therapy Academy (AFTA) Conference in Oakland, California. CFS students, faculty, and alumni were listed as presenters on just under twenty-five percent of the over sixty-five presentations given at this year’s conference. Seven students currently enrolled in the Systems, Families, and Couples (SFC) PhD program attended the conference, along with three faculty presenters and mentors (SFC program director Zephon Lister, Bryan Cafferky, and Brian Distelberg).
Georgia Martinez (SAC Health System) presents to MHPP students

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Forging a Brighter Future: Loma Linda University’s Mental Health Pipeline Program

The Loma Linda University Department of Social Work and Social Ecology recently hosted a two-week summer internship program for high school and community college students interesting learning more about behavioral health and careers in mental health. During the program, students shadowed mental health experts within professional settings and attended seminars on mental health topics such as interventions for depression and anxiety, suicide prevention, drug and alcohol use, gangs and violence, eating disorders, responding to trauma, and stress management.
Juan Carlos Belliard, Maya Boustani, and Yesenia Ceballos at the Institute for Community Partnership Town Hall meeting

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Department of Psychology partners with San Bernardino City Unified School District

Dr. Maya Boustani was invited to the Institute for Community Partnership (ICP) spring quarter town hall meeting to discuss how she developed a partnership with the San Bernardino City Unified School District (SBCUSD). Along with school counselor and community partner Ms. Yesenia Ceballos, Dr. Boustani reflected on how the ICP facilitated the initial connection. Relationship building efforts since then have led to a solid partnership with SBCUSD Student Services.
Left: Colleen Cherry; Right: Kayleigh Chang presents at ACLP 2019

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Alumni present at 37th Child Life Annual Conference

Each year ACLP brings together more than 1,000 child life professionals at the Child Life Annual Conference—the world's largest gathering of child life professionals.
Dr. Maya Boustani presents at CSUSB

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Dr. Maya Boustani speaks to San Bernardino school counselors

Dr. Maya Boustani was invited to speak at the San Bernardino School Counseling Collaborative at Cal State University, San Bernardino campus on June 10. Attendees were largely school counselors, but also included school nurses, teachers, and administrators. After guiding the attendees through a mindfulness exercise, she presented some key strategies on how to manage student anxiety in the school setting.