three diverse professionals talking together
Three professionals talk together.
By Beverly Buckles (Dean) - April 20, 2021

Dear Faculty, Alumni, Students, and Staff:

The School of Behavioral Health and its members condemn hate, discrimination, racism, and violence toward all groups of people. This shared pledge transmits from our moral responsibility and genuine commitment to protect, respect, and value all people regardless of individual differences. Though this shared resolve has been worded differently by each discipline, it is unquestionable and evidenced by the statements found at each of the links provided below.

I invite you to not only take strength from the statements made by your specific profession, but to also review the statements made by all of the disciplines represented in our School. As you review these statements, remember that each embodies more than mere words. These statements are personal-professional commitments that express what we must achieve together!

Child Life


Family Studies

Marriage and Family Therapy


Social Work