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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Celebrated across the United States since 1949, the theme for 2022 selected by Mental Health America is "Back to Basics." This year's theme provides a timely reminder of how important it is that all people, of all ages and from all communities, have access to accurate information about mental health and mental conditions—and what to do if there are concerns for someone's mental health. More than ever before, access to information about mental health has become as important as all other types of healthcare information.
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Participants needed for research on narcissistic abuse

Are you a mental health clinician who provides treatment to victims and survivors of narcissistic abuse? Your knowledge and clinical skills in the needs, assessment, and treatment of victims and survivors of narcissistic abuse are highly valuable and needed in research. You may be eligible to participate in a one-on-one 60 to 90-minute Zoom interview. Purpose We are inviting mental health clinicians in the United States of America to partake in a one-on-one Zoom interview to understand the needs, assessments, and treatment of victims and survivors of narcissistic abuse.
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Holders of Hope

The coming of spring is one of my favorite times of year. I look forward to seeing beautiful spring days, flowers in bloom, and the anticipation of it fills me with hope and excitement. I cannot think of a better time for Social Work Month than the month of March because that is when we move into the season of spring, the season of hope. When I was in the final year of my graduate program, the topic of hope came up. I had a challenging case that I was worried I would have to close. I went into my supervisor's office, prepared to argue on behalf of this family.
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Adolescent participants needed for PEERS® Social Skills Study

Assistant Professor Aarti Nair, PhD's projects at the Neurodevelopmental Applied Imaging Intervention Research Lab (NAIIR Lab) focus on examining neural mechanisms underlying treatment outcomes for children and adolescents with neurodevelopmental disorders. Currently, the lab is running a National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) funded study exploring the shared and distinct neural underpinnings of social cognition difficulties in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorder (SSD). SSD and ASD are heterogeneous conditions that share seve
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Unpacking the Black Box of Problem-Solving: Dr. Boustani awarded NIMH grant to support youth mental health

Internalizing problems such as anxiety and depression impact 20% of young people by age 18, and rates are higher for racial and ethnic minority youth. Problem-Solving Skills Training can reduce risk for internalizing problems, but little is known about the extent to which specific time, steps, strategies, or attention to culture and context influence its impact for youth. Dr. Maya Mroué Boustani was awarded an R21 (exploratory/developmental) grant from the National Institute of Mental Health to fund research to "unpack the black box" of Problem-Solving Skills Training.
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High school alumni of SDA academies from the Pacific Union needed for research study

Dr. Nichola Ribadu and DMFT candidate Melody Ezpeleta from the Department of Counseling and Family Sciences at Loma Linda University are seeking individuals who would like to participate in a research study to further understand the experience of high school students and their mental health while attending Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) academies. This research study aims to capture experiences from a variety of perspectives and to assess for the resources and supports that would benefit this population.
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Managing Daily Stress

You are walking through the forest on a clear day. The trees bustle around you, the birds tweet above you, and suddenly you stop. There is a large bear a few hundred feet ahead of you. You may notice the reaction from your body—your muscles may tense, your breathing may quicken, your heart may pound, your gut may ache. You now have three options: fight, flight, or freeze. This is the classic scenario psychology textbooks describe to begin the discussion on stress.
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SBH provides flexible learning with new online options

CFS welcomes first online Marital and Family Therapy MS cohort The Department of Counseling and Family Sciences is thrilled to welcome nine students as our first MFT MS online cohort! These students will engage in didactic and experiential learning within our online classrooms, plus rigorous clinical training with clients before graduating in 2.5 years. The MFT MS online program has been in development for more than two years within the Department of Counseling and Family Sciences, and mirrors our long-standing in-person program that has boasted COAMFTE approval since the 1970s.
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Social Work Department and Promotores Academy receive grant to support community health workers

We're excited to share that the Department of Social Work and Social Ecology and the Promotores Academy from the San Manuel Gateway College were together awarded the Peer Personnel Grant from OSPHD for 2021-23! Our program addresses a unique need for professional leadership development to work with community health workers (CHWs).
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Today is World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day provides a platform to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and to marshal support for advancing the development of and access to programs aimed at improving the mental health and ecological well-being for all humans. This year's focus for World Mental Health Day will showcase the efforts made around the world by the World Health Organization's (WHO) member countries to address mental health issues affected by COVID-19.