Bible open on table
By School of Behavioral Health - October 6, 2020

The Department of Psychology has recently approved a new professional concentration in the psychology of religion, which will provide interested students with further knowledge of the theory and literature in this area from the perspectives of both psychology and religion.

The department has added an elective course, Psychology of Religion, which will be the foundation of the concentration. This course examines religion, spirituality, and faith using the empirical methods of psychology; attention is given to all five major world religions and atheism. Students will take two additional courses from the School of Religion, chosen from an array of five courses in the areas of comparative religion, theology of suffering, and the overlap between religion and the social sciences. Rounding out the concentration will be a series of psychology seminars on clinical and theoretical issues of integration between spirituality and psychology.

This new concentration will prepare psychologists for clinical work that is sensitive to issues of faith and spirituality, particularly with religious clients.

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