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School of Behavioral Health and International Behavioral Health Trauma Team materials:

While this is a challenging time, we know that humans are very resilient and that we will get through this together. To help support our community, we've created some materials that we hope will be useful to you. We've also collected some additional quality resources from other sources that you can find below.

Printable Resource Lists


COVID-19 Self-Care Resources - Loma Linda University Health Vaccination Clinic
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COVID-19 Recursos de Autocuidado - Loma Linda University Health Clinica de Vacuna
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Review ways to reduce the anxiety of health care workers and others.

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SBH Blog

Read posts from our scholars on various topics related to COVID-19 and mental health.

For Our Local Community

Community Health Association Inland Southern Region

Resources for the Riverside, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles Counties (Spanish resources included)View links

World Health Organization

These free resources, created by the WHO Mental Health Forum, cover a number of issues and are available in multiple languages.

Mental health

Mental health and psychosocial considerations during COVID-19. View PDF

Coping with stress

Coping with stress during COVID-19. View PDF

Helping children cope

Helping children cope with stress during COVID-19. View PDF

Social stigma

Social stigma associated with COVID-19. View presentation

Social media cards

Social media cards for use on your social media channels. View cards

Latest News

COVID's Effects on Children Coming into Focus

Information on how the pandemic has affected children's interactions and academics. View article


How to Use Zoom

Helpful instructions on how to use Zoom, in both English and Spanish. Download images

Trauma Resource Institute

Free resources developed by our colleagues at the Trauma Resource Institute:

iChill App

This free app teaches you about the Community Resiliency Model®, a set of self-help skills for addressing stress, which affects both mind and body. Get app

Thought Diagram

This diagram can be used as a guide to more productive thinking, gradually moving into a resilient zone. View PDF

Free Webinars

Free webinars for parents and others, with new recordings added regularly. View webinars

Crisis Prevention Institute

De-Escalation Tips

Tips to help individuals control their own behavior during heightened stress and anxiety. View PDF


COVID-19: A Consumer's Guide to the Coronavirus

Fast facts, signs and symptoms, and other essential information. View information

How to Deal with Anxiety

Facts about anxiety along with methods for treating it. View information

Specialized Resources

Free COVID-19 resources for those encountering specific challenges.

Domestic Violence Survivors

Contacts, plans, and organizations supporting those experiencing increased isolation and risk. View list


Q&A from the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs. View information

Frontline Workers

Free mental health support for frontline workers and others from the Pandemic Crisis Services Response Coalition. View support options

Down Syndrome Community

Q&A on COVID-19 and Down syndrome. View abbreviated PDF | View expanded PDF


Organizations providing support related to COVID-19 for the LGBTQ+ community. View contacts

Older Adults

Recorded webinar: Older Adults & Isolation During COVID-19. View webinar

Health Care Professionals

Free, weekly, reflective writing sessions for all health care workers and their loved ones, led via Zoom by Laurel Braitman, courtesy of Stanford Medicine. View details

Darria Long
Darria Long: How to manage your stress like an ER doctor

For Behavioral Health Professionals

Children's Services

COVID-19 webinars and other resources for those working in children's services, from the Institute of Innovation and Implementation. View materials

Health Disparities

How behavioral health professionals can help mitigate COVID-19 health disparities. View blog post

Social Workers

Resources for social workers from NASW-CA. View resources

Inter-Agency Standing Committee

Children's Book

Free children's book, My Hero is You, available as a PDF in multiple languages. View PDFs

Interim Briefing Note

IASC Interim Briefing Note Addressing Mental Health and Psychosocial (MHPSS) aspects of COVID-19 Outbreak. View PDF

Information Note

Information note on inclusion of COVID-19 MHPSS activities in humanitarian and country response plans. View PDF

Supplementary orientation slides

View presentation

Wellness Tips

Assorted resources for maintaining wellness during COVID-19.

Sleeping Tips

Advice from the Sleep Research Society for those who must remain indoors for an extended period. View PDF

Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook

A free workbook from The Wellness Society, available in English, Spanish, and Dutch. View PDFs

COVID-19 Mental Health Handbook

Provided by Spiritual First Aid, this free handbook covers a range of topics, including ways to cope, move forward, and become more resilient. Download PDF