Dr. Nicholas J. Rockwood, PHD, MAS, MA
By Terry Forrester (Emeritus Associate Professor) - October 31, 2019

The School of Behavioral Health is pleased to welcome one of our newest faculty members, Dr. Nicholas Rockwood. Dr. Rockwood is now working in the Division of Interdisciplinary Studies, specializing in quantitative research. He will be collaborating on projects with all three SBH departments in addition to teaching and lecturing. Dr. Rockwood's unique specialization will enhance and contribute to the current research occurring within the School.

Dr. Rockwood completed his PhD at The Ohio State University in 2019, where he wrote his dissertation on "Estimating multilevel structural equation models with random slopes for latent covariates." While at OSU, he served as a graduate statistical consultant, graduate teaching assistant, and graduate fellow.

He currently has three journal articles in press and has co-authored many other articles in the areas of research and statistical models. Further, he has presented at national conferences most recently on "Estimating cross-classified item response models using the MH-RM algorithm" and "Modeling extreme response styles in behavioral genetics using IRTrees."

Dr. Rockwood's interest in research began when he was a student at Cal State University, San Bernardino. While there, he joined a research lab, which sparked his interest in quantitative psychology. Analytical minds appear to run in his family; both his mother and older brother work as computer programmers. We are very happy to add Dr. Rockwood and his expertise to the richness of our learning environment.