Cristie Granillo
I appreciate the program's intentionality in the selection of course content and the development of strong quantitative and qualitative skills. The faculty supports students in tangible ways and ensure classes are challenging enough to expand thought and strengthen critical thinking.
Hailey Arellano
The Systems, Families, and Couples PhD program has been a life-changing experience for me. Faculty and administrative staff are so supportive of clinical growth as well as advancement in scientific practices. They are truly dedicated to whole-person healing and I feel blessed to learn alongside them.
Amanda Saddlemire, MA
The School of Behavioral Health's emphasis on whole person and integrated care is evident and actively put to practice throughout the variety of experiences and specialties offered. Although the courses and clinical placements are rigorous, they are well supported by knowledgeable faculty and supervisors. This support is one of the many reasons why I feel fortunate to be receiving my doctoral training at Loma Linda University. The guidance and instruction offered in the Department of Psychology has greatly prepared me for becoming a well-rounded clinician in our diverse communities.
Leslie Alvarez
This program allowed me to work with community health workers on various initiatives to promote evidence-based practices and wellness tools for sustainable and accessible mental health treatment. These experiences made me a trained Community Resiliency Model (CRM)® guide and mental health professional who is modifying CRM for low-resource and Hispanic communities as my thesis project. I am blessed to work with a department that supports students in these types of endeavors as well as in becoming Licensed Clinical Social Workers.
Nourah Alqattan
The Loma Linda University Child Life Specialist program is a vivid example of inclusiveness and thoughtfulness. The faculty taught me the true meaning of giving and caring. I learned to strive to treat all patients and their families with the same level of respect and eagerness to help them feel comfortable throughout their hospital experience. I also learned to practice care as a way of living and to never live outside my values. I am very grateful for the faculty and my wonderful cohort with whom I felt a sense of belonging, easing my experience of living abroad far from family.
Cortnie Barton
The MFT MS program here at Loma Linda University has allowed me the growth and knowledge to excel in my career as a therapist. Both the staff and my cohort created a supportive and comfortable environment for me. I have grown and learned much more about myself and what it means to be a therapist in the field of mental health—while continuing to maintain a balance of my own needs and support in the process.
Faith Reynolds
Being a part of the MSW program at Loma Linda University has taught me the true meaning of advocacy and the value of healing the brokenhearted.
Diana Marin, MA
I am truly grateful to be part of the Clinical Psychology PhD program at Loma Linda University. The faculty genuinely want to see the students succeed and I feel genuinely cared for. My experience thus far has been a dream come true.
Heather Jones, MEd
The DMFT program has enriched my life not only academically but professionally and personally. The nurturing and investment of my professors and my cohort is invaluable.
Kristen Hackett
Loma Linda University is the standard for what effective education should be. They offer personalized classes with personable and educated faculty, healthcare that includes mental health resources for students, as well as fun and innovative events to satisfy students' social needs. LLU really does offer a unique experience "to make man whole."
Nancy Ureno
The online MSW program at Loma Linda University provides students with the ability to work full-time and continue to grow academically and professionally in the mental health community. The program offers a great support system for students to successfully engage and feel connected in their cohort, emphasizing values, wholeness, integrated care, self-care, and embracing social work practices. LLU has given me a unique experience and mindset that anyone can go back to school. If you have the heart and passion, the possibilities are endless. My experience here at LLU will be unforgettable; they are a true family.
Nikky Eminzade
The dual MFT and Counseling MS program at Loma Linda University has taught me important lessons in wholistic, systemic care which go beyond client care. I am so grateful for the caring staff and wonderful cohort who have made my experience at LLU an unforgettable one.
Mariz Cruz
As a DSW student at Loma Linda University, the online program gives me the flexibility to continue to work as a medical social worker while completing my doctoral degree. The professors provide a supportive learning environment as well as the guidance I need to become a clinical leader in the profession.
Geraldine Pirdy
Through collaboration and education from the Drug and Alcohol Counseling Certificate program, I've learned to factor in the varying aspects of substance use disorders in helping clients and members of their relational systems. Both faculty and fellow students are compassionate in their roles of walking with clients through the recovery process.