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Counseling and Family Sciences

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Master's Degree Programs

Doctoral Programs

 Dual Degree Programs

Additional Dual Degree Programs Offered

  • Marital and Family Therapy MS and Clinical Ministry MA
  • Marital and Family Therapy MS and Family Studies MA

Certificate Programs

Counseling and Family Sciences students can select an emphasis within their degree or obtain a certificate in one (or more) of the following areas:

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Contact Information

For admissions information, please contact:

Patrice Harris
Phone (909) 558-4547, extension 47003
Email pdharris@llu.edu

For department and program contact information, please refer to Contact Us.

Transcript Requests

Academic program records (including academic variances, candidacy and graduation petitions) are available through the School of Behavioral Health, Dean’s Office. Academic program records are maintained for five years following the date of graduation, or the date of a student’s last attendance.

Canadian Program

The Loma Linda University MS in Marital Family Therapy located on the campus of Canadian University College was permanently closed at the end of the Summer 2013 academic term.