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Colleen A. Brenner, PhD

Colleen A. Brenner, PhD

Associate Professor, Psychology

Contact Information

Email cbrenner@llu.edu
Phone 909-558-8617
Fax 909-558-0171

Department of Psychology
Loma Linda University, Central Building, Apt. 3
11130 Anderson St., Loma Linda, CA  92350

Degrees and Certifications

  • PhD, Psychology - University of Indiana, Bloomington, 2006

Areas of Specialization

  • Serious mental illness (focus on schizophrenia and bipolar disorder)
  • Clinical neuropsychology
  • Electroencephalography (EEG)
  • Resiliency, self-efficacy, overall health, and well-being in serious mental illness

Licenses and Professional Memberships

  • Registered Clinical Psychologist (British Columbia, Canada)
  • Society for Psychophysiological Research
  • Society for Research in Psychopathology
  • Canadian Psychological Association
  • EEG and Clinical Neuroscience Society

Recent Publications

  • Lam, R. W., Milev, R., Rotzinger, S., Andreazza, A. C., Blier, P., Brenner, C., … Kennedy, S. H. Discovering biomarkers for antidepressant response: Protocol from the Canadian Biomarker Integration Network in Depression (CAN-BIND) and clinical characteristics of the first patient cohort. BMC Psychiatry, 16, 105.
  • Brenner, C.A., Rumak, S.P., *Burns, A.M.N. (2016). Facial Emotion Memory in Schizophrenia: From Encoding to Maintenance-related EEG. Clinical Neurophysiology, 127, 1366-73.
  • Zhang, L., Brenner, C.A. (2016). The Factor Structure of the Schizotypal Personality Questionnaire in Undergraduate and Community Samples. Journal of Personality Disorders, 4:1-15.
  • Kam, J.W.Y., Brenner, C.A., Handy, T.C., Boyd, L.A., Liu-Ambrose, T., Lim, H.J., Hayden, S., Campbell, K. (2015). Sustained attention abnormalities in breast cancer survivors with cancer-associated cognitive deficits post chemotherapy: an electrophysiological study. Clinical Neurophysiology, S1388-2457(15) 172-8.
  • Schultz, K., Tham, J., Chan, P., Brenner, C., Northcott, C., Villa-Rodriguez, F. (2015). Occurrence of Postictal Alpha Activity During Maintenance Course Electroconvulsive Therapy. Journal of ECT, 31(4) 211-2.
  • Dominelli, R., Hetrick, W.P., O'Donnell, B.F. Brenner, C.A., (2014). Affect Modulated Startle in Schizophrenia: the role of Subjective Valence Ratings. Psychiatry Research, 220, 44-50.
  • Brenner, C.A., Rumak, S.P., Burns, A.M.N., Kieffaber, P. (2014). The Role of Encoding and Attention in Facial Emotion Memory: An EEG Investigation. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 93, 398-410.
  • O'Bryan, R.A., Brenner, C.A., Hetrick, W.P., O'Donnell, B.F. (2014). Disturbances of Visual Motion Perception in Bipolar Disorder. Bipolar Disorders, 16, 354-65.
  • Burns, A, Brenner, C.A., Erikson, D. (2014). Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Medication-Resistant Psychosis: A Meta-Analytic Review. Psychiatric Services, 65, 874-80.
  • Kam, J. W. Y., Bolbecker, A. R., O’Donnell, B. F., Hetrick, W. P., & Brenner, C. A. (2013). Resting EEG Power and coherence abnormalities in bipolar and schizophrenia. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 47, 1893-901.
  • Rass, O., Forsyth, J. K., Krishnan, G. P., Hetrick, W. P., Klaunig, M. J., Breier, A., O’Donnell, B. F., & Brenner, C. A. (2012). Auditory steady state response in schizophrenia, first-degree relatives, and schizotypal personality disorder. Schizophrenia Research, 136, 143-9.