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Welcome from the Chair

Located in Southern California, Loma Linda University offers great opportunities for the study of human diversity and culture. Consistent with its international mission and holistic approach to human health and welfare, our programs provide a positive environment for the study of cultural, spiritual, and social issues relevant to psychological research and practice. In addition, the campus is centrally located within easy driving distance of the mountains, beaches, desert, and a variety of cultural and educational events and resources found in the Los Angeles area.

The motto of Loma Linda University, "to make man whole," takes in every aspect of being human--the physical, mental, spiritual, and social. Graduate training in psychology at Loma Linda University takes place within the context of this holistic approach to human health and welfare and builds on a tradition of health sciences research, training, and service. As a health sciences institution, Loma Linda University represents numerous resources for research and training in mental health as well as in areas such as health psychology, neuropsychology, and behavioral medicine. Its Medical Center is the "flagship" of a system that includes hundreds of health-care institutions around the world. In addition, several institutions in the area, such as the Behavioral Medicine Center, the Jerry L. Pettis Memorial V.A. Medical Center, the forensic Patton State Hospital, Casa Colina Hospital for Rehabilitative Medicine, San Bernardino School District, and the Mental Health Department of San Bernardino Counties represent some of the additional opportunities for research and clinical training in psychology at Loma Linda University.

Clinical Psychology Programs

Our two fully APA-accredited clinical psychology programs offer a combination of traditional and innovative training opportunities. The clinical psychology programs are: (1) the PhD program which follows the traditional scientist-practitioner model, and (2) the PsyD program which follows the practitioner-scholar model and places greater emphasis on clinical practice. The underlying philosophy of doctoral training in clinical psychology is to train its students/graduates to be (1) psychologists who are well-grounded in the theory and science of psychology, and (2) clinical psychologists who function in a variety of settings. The comprehensive mission of the clinical psychology programs is to provide its students with the cumulative experiences necessary for them to become:

  • scientifically oriented;
  • thoroughly ethical, intensively trained, and highly skilled psychologists;
  • well prepared as professionals (academicians, researchers, consultants, supervisors, or clinicians) in the discipline of psychology in the twenty-first century, particularly in the health-related fields and within the context of a holistic approach to human health and welfare.

The Department of Psychology is committed to the highest levels of excellence in all aspects relevant to graduate education in psychology and meets all APA standards of accreditation for graduate programs. An important goal of our psychology programs is to prepare psychologists for the professional world of the 21st century which may include careers in such settings as mental health units, general hospitals, pediatric and geriatric facilities, managed care settings, corporate institutions, and university settings. In addition, PhD clinical programs are expected to prepare graduates for leadership in teaching and further study of psychological phenomena relevant to their respective areas of concentration.

Loma Linda University is your opportunity for doctoral training in psychology within an academically and culturally stimulating environment. The Department of Psychology currently provides all courses on-campus and does not provide online courses. For more information, please contact the Department of Psychology: Shari Lane, Admissions and Records Coordinator at slane@llu.edu or 909-558-8577. Please provide your name, mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address so the department may contact you.

The deadline for completing your application for each Fall Quarter is December 31. For application extension information, please contact Shari Lane at slane@llu.edu or 909-558-8577. New students matriculating through the acceptance process begin classes at the end of September only. The Department of Psychology does not offer rolling admissions.

For additional information or questions regarding a specific program, please contact us.

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