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Admissions Requirements

In addition to the Loma Linda University admission requirements, admission to the program is governed by the policies and procedures established by the School of Behavioral Health. Admission requirements include:

  1. Master's degree from an accredited institution of higher education. Examples would include such disciplines as social work (MSW), nursing (MS), business (MBA), public health (MPH), education (MEd), and theology (MDiv).
  2. Evidence of adequate academic preparation in graduate education. This includes a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 (on a 4.0 scale) for graduate/postgraduate work.
  3. Strong intellectual abilities, including background in social sciences and statistics.
  4. Evidence of research and social welfare interests reflecting the values of social justice. Professional experience and achievement that demonstrate the competence, motivation, organization, and leadership to complete doctoral education in a timely manner. It is preferred that applicants have at least two years post master degree experience in their professional area.
  5. Personal interview.
  6. Sample of writing in the form of a published article, academic or professional paper prepared for a research purpose, or an essay prepared for admission to the program.
  7. Satisfactory performance on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). - Note: Due to issues associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, the GRE General Test is waived for all 2021-2022 applicants to doctoral programs in the School of Behavioral Health. Please do not submit GRE scores through ETS or report your scores in any application materials as they will not be taken into consideration.
  8. Curriculum vitae or other description of education and employment history.
  9. Three letters of recommendation (including one from an academic source and one from a work supervisor).

In addition to the above criteria, the application process for the PhD degree in Social Welfare and Social Research utilizes a pooled application process by which the top candidates meeting the admissions criteria are selected. The number of new candidates admitted each year ranges from three to four students, depending on the total number of students completing the program.

Information on international student admissions can be found here.

Admissions FAQ

Notification of Acceptance

The Social Welfare and Social Research PhD program admissions committee forwards a recommendation to the dean of the School of Behavioral Health for review and confirmation. All applicants are first notified by the dean's office of their admissions status. Accepted students must then acknowledge in writing their intentions to reserve their place in the program.

Application Procedure

Potential applicants may receive general admissions information from the School of Behavioral Health Office of Admissions. Requests for specific information about the program should be directed to the program director.

School of Behavioral Health Office of Admissions

PhD in Social Welfare and Social Research 
Dr. Larry Ortiz, Program Director

All applicants must submit their application online. Applicants can also monitor the status of their application online. In addition, the School of Behavioral Health office of admission informs all applicants when their files are complete or if additional information is required. The department's admissions coordinator reviews all completed applicant files and contacts the candidates for an admissions interviews.

Change of Program or Degree

Students should refer to the Loma Linda University Catalog for information regarding transfer to a different degree program.

Concurrent Admission

Students may not be admitted to a School of Behavioral Health program while admitted to another program at this University or elsewhere. Combined-degree programs are exempt from this policy. See the Loma Linda University Catalog.

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