MS in Criminal Justice | School of Behavioral Health | Loma Linda University

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  • 48-unit program with either: 480 hours of clinical internships; or a research-focused thesis
  • 2-year full-time and 3-year part-time options
  • Available as a dual degree with the MSW
  • Small class size for maximum learning experience
  • Christian environment emphasizing integrated learning and whole person care

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Crime disrupts personal and community relationships, endangers public health and safety, and threatens the moral contours of everyday social life. Loma Linda University's mission "to make man whole" provides a powerful and much-needed context in which criminal justice can be addressed on the basis of healing and restoration. The principles of restorative justice elevate the dimensions of justice that:

  • Promote the acceptance of responsibility,
  • Promote the fulfillment of obligations,
  • Embrace forgiveness and reconciliation, and
  • Culminate in the restoration of personal and social relationships.

This multidisciplinary approach to deviance and the administration of justice takes into consideration the social, physical and spiritual well-being of victims, offenders, and communities--which provides a deeper understanding of crime and the struggle of the modern criminal justice system.

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