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Combined Degree

Program Administration

Kimberly R. Freeman, PhD, MSW, Program Director, Master of Social Work
Larry Ortiz, PhD, MSW, Program Director, PhD in Social Policy and Social Research

Purpose of the Program

The combined MSW/PhD program at Loma Linda University provides students with the opportunity to learn the professional skills of social work simultaneously with advanced theory and research study. The combined program makes it possible for a more efficient completion of two graduate degrees for students with strong interests in social policy, social research, and social work practice. Students who complete this combined program will be prepared to make significant contributions to the field of social policy and social work education. Graduates will be able to provide leadership to social work practice and social policy areas. Participants in the combined program will utilize the important resource networks within the University and those affiliated organizations working on solutions to significant social problems.

Course Requirements

Students admitted to the MSW program may subsequently apply to the PhD program and be admitted to the combined degree program. Students should refer to the MSW and PhD program descriptions for information about the admission requirements of each program. Students admitted to the dual degree program must meet all of the requirements of each of the participating programs. Students should refer to the MSW and PhD curricula for a detailed listing of requirements. Students can also obtain an outline of the combined degree program from the Program Coordinator for the PhD in Social Policy and Social Research.

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