A Seventh-day Adventist Organization

Faculty Research Interests

Adam L. Aréchiga

PsyD, Psychology - Loma Linda University, 2006
DrPH, Public Health - Loma Linda University, 2006

  • Clinical health psychology
  • Obesity management
  • Lifestyle change
  • Health promotion/preventive care

Hector M. Betancourt

PhD, Psychology - University of California, Los Angeles, 1983

  • Attribution theory, social cognition, and emotion
  • Cultural/cross-cultural psychology
  • Peace, conflict, pro-social behavior, and violence
  • Culture and social-psychological processes in health and social issues

Kendal C. Boyd

PhD, Psychology - Fuller Theological Seminary Graduate School of Psychology, 1999

  • Psychology of religion
    • Incorporation of spirituality in psychotherapy
    • Spiritual basis of the therapeutic relationship
    • Attitudes toward religious apostasy
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder in military veterans

Colleen A. Brenner

PhD, Psychology - University of Indiana, Bloomington, 2006

  • Serious mental illness, with a focus on schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
  • Clinical neuropsychology
  • Electroencephalography (EEG)
  • Resiliency, self-efficacy, and overall health and well-being in serious mental illness

Paul E. Haerich

PhD, Psychology - University of Florida, 1989

  • Cognitive psychology
  • Cognitive neuroscience
  • Attention and affect
  • Information processing and emotion
  • Ionizing radiation effects on CNS function

Richard E. Hartman

PhD, Behavior, Brain and Cognition - Washington University, 2001

  • Behavioral neuroscience/biopsychology
  • Development of learning and memory abilities
  • Transgenic animal models of neurodegenerative disease

Sylvia M. Herbozo

PhD, Clinical Psychology - University of South Florida, 2008

  • Body image disturbance, disordered eating, and obesity
  • Binge eating disorder treatments

Grace J. Lee

PhD, Clinical Psychology - Fuller Theological Seminary Graduate School of Psychology, 2009

  • Clinical neuropsychology
  • Brain aging and neurodegenerative disorders
  • Neurobiological bases of behavior
  • Neuroimaging methods

Holly E. R. Morrell

PhD, Clinical Psychology - Texas Tech University, 2007

  • Health psychology
  • Advanced statistics and methodology
  • Theoretical underpinnings of adolescent smoking initiation
  • Negative affect and cigarette smoking

Kelly R. Morton

PhD, Life-Span Developmental Psychology - Bowling Green State University, 1992 (Joint Appointment with LLU School of Medicine)

  • The relationship between early life stress, negative emotions and physical health outcomes
  • Stress and health
  • Social support and health
  • Religion and health
  • Care quality in primary care
  • Primary care psychology

Cameron L. Neece

PhD, Clinical Psychology - University of California, Los Angeles, 2011

  • Developmental psychopathology
  • Childhood disorder (emphasis in intellectual disabilities, autism, and disruptive behavior disorders)
  • Parenting and family processes
  • Treatment outcome research (specific focus on mindfulness approaches)

David A. Vermeersch

PhD, Clinical Psychology - Brigham Young University, 1998

  • Psychotherapy outcome
  • Psychotherapy quality management
  • Therapist effects on outcome
  • Effects of therapist/patient feedback on outcome
  • Reducing deterioration in psychotherapy
  • Effectiveness and patient-focused research
  • Outcome test construction